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ISNA 2017

Alhamdulilah I am here at ISNA again this year. I plan on having a few interviews put up on Facebook on both my personal page and the Muslim Moderate page. These interviews will be live broadcasted on Facebook. These broadcasts will still be archived on Facebook so even after the [...]

The Past and the Future

It has been a while.  This last school year was my roughest yet, and I had to turn my focus to my classes.  My attention could not be towards anything else.  During the first week of the summer I was still studying, however, that was only for a couple of [...]

Representative Bustos Internship

I was very fortunate this summer and fall to be an intern for Congresswoman Bustos and help in her re-election campaign for the United States Congress. The political experience I have gained has given me new insight into how our country operates, as well as what other people in my community think about [...]


It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog and I want to start off by apologizing for the inactivity. For all of July, I was at UChicago taking a class called Awakening into Consciousness: Intro to Collegiate Writing. As soon as my class finished up, [...]

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My name is Yusuf Zahurullah.  I am an American Muslim teen living in Rockford, Illinois where I was born. I am a senior at Auburn High School and captain of the varsity soccer team. I am the president of Auburn’s Model UN club and MUN is truly one of my passions. My interests include history and political science, as well as political and social policy and activism.  I plan to attend law school and have a career in international relations or law.   This blog will be a journal of my thoughts and observations about my own community and the political face of our country as a whole from a Muslim teen’s perspective.

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Yusuf Zahurullah