The Florida shooting is yet another reminder of the inaction of our government with regard to gun laws. America has more mass shootings than any other country and most of these are carried out by white males. It is shameful of media organizations to continue to instill the double standard of labeling these horrid men as “lone wolves” or “mentally unstable” while simultaneously blaming any attack done by a minority as the product of terrorist motives or gang or thug behavior. “Thoughts and prayers” are clearly not enough as tragedies like Parkland continue to happen year after year and seem to only increase in number. We need action from our representatives now. We need gun laws. The NRA has a grip on our leaders and it is up to us to stop it. I am not calling for a complete ban on guns. I understand that guns are important in certain situations but there is no need to have fully and semi automatic weapons readily available to the public, especially without background checks, proper training and waiting periods. Yes, if guns were banned people would find ways to illegally obtain them, much like the 1920s era of Prohibition, but this does not mean we can’t and shouldn’t try. After a 1996 mass shooting in Australia, sweeping gun legislation was passed in a matter of months and since then there have been no mass shootings. Here in America, we have debated this issue for years and have gotten absolutely nowhere while hundreds of innocent people have their lives cut short.

As a writer, I am always looking to bring stories to people and raise awareness in areas such as social justice and politics. Learning about our country and all of its intricate nuances sparks a curiosity in me that has not been surpassed. But when it comes to a point where all of the major news stories are about a recent tragedy or sad event, I am always disheartened about the state of our community. Unfortunately, as is the nature of media and journalism, the heart-wrenching stories are often what garner the most attention, and in turn, the most money. The inability of our elected officials to come to any sort of agreement regarding gun safety is what has caused all of these atrocities. There must be action now. I hope one day we get to the point where I can write about all of the positives in America, but for now, especially during times like this, I, and I hope all of you too, will work tirelessly to bring justice and peace to this world.