As my first year in high school comes to a close, I have been thinking a lot about the many wonderful experiences I enjoyed. In particular, I ponder about which was the most influential experience.

  • I made the varsity soccer team as a freshman.
  • I played scholastic bowl with state championship players.
  • I marched in football game halftime shows as a member of the marching band.
  • I started a pep squad for the band members.

However, without a doubt, it has to be my time in Model UN and the conference at the University of Chicago, MUNUC. Attending the conference and participating in formal debates about issues surrounding ocean pollution and the safety of international journalists really opened my eyes. It was a glimpse into how the real UN and other groups work in solving world problems. Model UN has spurred my interest in political science and international relations. It has sparked a curiosity in me to follow some new pursuits: participating in political campaigning. Joining Model UN was definitely been one of the best choices I made as I began my high school career. I would recommend it to other high school students.