Step up, future leaders!


I had the opportunity to write and record a piece for WNIJ (the local NPR affiliate) and their Perspectives program.  I spoke about the importance of youth engagement.  Give it a listen. Here is the text: In today's world, the ongoing discord in “grown-up” national politics is becoming more pronounced, with an ever-shrinking middle ground and fewer common goals. A fresh point of view can alter the playing field and provide positive change. This is a call to action for all young people to get involved in any capacity. Winnebago County Chairman Frank Haney, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara and [...]

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The Past and the Future


It has been a while.  This last school year was my roughest yet, and I had to turn my focus to my classes.  My attention could not be towards anything else.  During the first week of the summer I was still studying, however, that was only for a couple of SAT Subject Tests. Now my summer is truly beginning.  All of that is done now and I am ready to get back into my writing. First off, I would like to give a shout out to my professor from the University of Chicago and a dear friend of mine, Dr. Michael [...]

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What it means to be politically active


I have had the opportunity to volunteer in a campaign again. The mayoral election for Rockford is coming up and I have been canvassing for Tom McNamara, the Democratic candidate. This is the second time I have given my time to a political campaign. Although I am only a teenager, I think I have had some meaningful experiences. But what do these experiences mean? How is knocking on doors helping someone like me? The youth are the future. Everybody knows this, yet our nation's government has seemed to have forgotten the important needs and wants of young people. We, the youth, as a demographic, need to [...]

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Representative Bustos Internship


I was very fortunate this summer and fall to be an intern for Congresswoman Bustos and help in her re-election campaign for the United States Congress. The political experience I have gained has given me new insight into how our country operates, as well as what other people in my community think about this election. My work for the campaign included making phone calls to constituents and canvassing local neighborhoods. I enjoyed the canvassing the most. The work allowed me to explore parts of Rockford I wouldn’t normally enter, as well as meet interesting people and hear their thoughts and ideas on the election. I also [...]

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Thoughts on the $20 bill


Recent changes have been made to American currency. Changes that are wonderful. Changes that will hopefully spark a new found ideal for an equal world. Deciding to put Harriet Tubman, a national hero, on the face of the twenty dollar bill is a great change. It shows that America is moving in the right direction. However, with every change, there is a backlash. And this time is no different. Once again, people are blinded by some false ideology that change is bad and a waste. People are saying that completely redesigning a bill is a waste of money, between the cost of [...]

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Who is Brett Kavanaugh?


Trump's Supreme Court pick was announced yesterday. Brett Kavanaugh is a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He was the White House Staff Secretary during the George W. Bush administration. He is a @yale alum for both undergraduate studies and Law school. He is a conservative judge and would be expected to align with the other conservative justices on the Supreme Court. This means that the Supreme Court would have a conservative majority for quite a long time, as Justices serve as long as they desire. One of his more notable decisions came when [...]

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