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Muslims of Rockford: Morad Suliman


Morad Suliman is a Sudanese-American teenager living in the Rockford community. He attends Auburn High School and is in the Gifted Program there. Although only 16 years old, Morad is very educated and informed about the world and issues surrounding our generation. I asked him what the biggest problem our world faces at the moment and he gave a deep and insightful answer. He said that the lack of concern and knowledge regarding  countries such as Syria and the people of Palestine are an issue in themselves. Morad also explained that the media twisting stories to show Muslims as enemies while [...]

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Muslims of Rockford


A couple days ago, a family member of mine gave me a great idea. He told me I should add a feature to this blog that is very similar to the popular page Humans of New York. He had also done some work with this idea during his travels and did a wonderful job. I plan to interview the members of the Muslim community in Rockford and ask them questions regarding politics, media and social issues along with learning about their story, background, greatest influences and upbringings. The schedule for this project is most likely going to be on the fly, [...]

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