What it means to be politically active


I have had the opportunity to volunteer in a campaign again. The mayoral election for Rockford is coming up and I have been canvassing for Tom McNamara, the Democratic candidate. This is the second time I have given my time to a political campaign. Although I am only a teenager, I think I have had some meaningful experiences. But what do these experiences mean? How is knocking on doors helping someone like me? The youth are the future. Everybody knows this, yet our nation's government has seemed to have forgotten the important needs and wants of young people. We, the youth, as a demographic, need to [...]

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What Ocasio-Cortez’s win means for the Democratic party


Major upset as 10 year incumbent Joseph Crowley loses primary for Representative position. This victory for Ocasio-Cortez represents the growing movement of Democratic socialists. Ocasio-Cortez was backed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a fast growing organization working towards influencing the political structure. It is also a huge victory for women of color as they strive to represent the diverse communities of constituents.

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