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NIC-10 Red Ribbon Leadership Conference


I had the opportunity to attend the NIC-10 Red Ribbon Leadership Conference last week after being nominated by my soccer coach.  Events like this give me a chance to learn leadership skills that I can use on the soccer field as well as in my other endeavors.  I found the leadership conference a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow athletes in a setting away from the stadium.  We developed camaraderie through team building exercises. Speaker Craig Hillier of Winning Edge Seminars (http://craighillier.com) discussed ways to build team unity, implement conflict resolution, and how to mentor teammates as they deal with difficult situations. [...]

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Step up, future leaders!


I had the opportunity to write and record a piece for WNIJ (the local NPR affiliate) and their Perspectives program.  I spoke about the importance of youth engagement.  Give it a listen. Here is the text: In today's world, the ongoing discord in “grown-up” national politics is becoming more pronounced, with an ever-shrinking middle ground and fewer common goals. A fresh point of view can alter the playing field and provide positive change. This is a call to action for all young people to get involved in any capacity. Winnebago County Chairman Frank Haney, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara and [...]

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Auburn Youth Court


This past school year I was selected to be on the Auburn High School Youth Court.  Youth Court is a proven community vehicle for keeping students out of the formal judicial system for lapses in judgement on school grounds.  See the article in the RRStar about my experience with Youth Court. http://rrstar.com/news/20180511/winnebago-county-crime-commission-releases-youth-violence-report

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