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Gun Laws


The Florida shooting is yet another reminder of the inaction of our government with regard to gun laws. America has more mass shootings than any other country and most of these are carried out by white males. It is shameful of media organizations to continue to instill the double standard of labeling these horrid men as "lone wolves" or "mentally unstable" while simultaneously blaming any attack done by a minority as the product of terrorist motives or gang or thug behavior. "Thoughts and prayers" are clearly not enough as tragedies like Parkland continue to happen year after year and seem to [...]

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Domestic Violence and the Trauma Initiative


As some of you may know, I am a part of the Chairman and Mayor's Regional Youth Advisory Council for the city of Rockford and Winnebago County. The council meets once a month to discuss issues both within the community and nation wide. Today, we learned about the state of domestic violence within the community and the idea of the long term effects of trauma on mental health. One of the more shocking things I learned was that there are 8 arrests every day in Rockford for a domestic violence related incident. This statistic came from a meeting of the 17th [...]

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Rockford to vote on Home rule


At the City Council meeting held December 4th, the alderman voted to put home rule on the ballot for 2018. What does this mean? Well home rule in the United States refers to the ability of the local government of a constituent part of a state, such as a city or county, to exercise political power and make decisions on local affairs on their own as long as they adhere to state and federal rules. Basically, Rockford would be able to make fiscal and social decisions on their own. Talks about Rockford becoming home ruled have been on the rise over [...]

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Things to remember this 4th of July


We have all been fortunate enough to see another 4th of July this year and celebrate the birth of our great nation. Through perilous times and tests of our patience, perseverance, and faith, we have continued to come together as Americans when it has mattered most. However, there are still some things I would like you all to consider today as we reflect on our own freedom: Remember the indigenous people of America who are the true founders of our nation that continue to fight for their rights to the land they have loved for centuries. Remember the LGBTQ+ community that [...]

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ISNA 2017


Alhamdulilah I am here at ISNA again this year. I plan on having a few interviews put up on Facebook on both my personal page and the Muslim Moderate page. These interviews will be live broadcasted on Facebook. These broadcasts will still be archived on Facebook so even after the interview is over, anyone can go back and watch them. I also plan on trying to bring them over to this website. I will be talking to people who are doing work in their own respective fields relative to Islam and asking them about how they are using what they do [...]

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The Past and the Future


It has been a while.  This last school year was my roughest yet, and I had to turn my focus to my classes.  My attention could not be towards anything else.  During the first week of the summer I was still studying, however, that was only for a couple of SAT Subject Tests. Now my summer is truly beginning.  All of that is done now and I am ready to get back into my writing. First off, I would like to give a shout out to my professor from the University of Chicago and a dear friend of mine, Dr. Michael [...]

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What it means to be politically active


I have had the opportunity to volunteer in a campaign again. The mayoral election for Rockford is coming up and I have been canvassing for Tom McNamara, the Democratic candidate. This is the second time I have given my time to a political campaign. Although I am only a teenager, I think I have had some meaningful experiences. But what do these experiences mean? How is knocking on doors helping someone like me? The youth are the future. Everybody knows this, yet our nation's government has seemed to have forgotten the important needs and wants of young people. We, the youth, as a demographic, need to [...]

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Representative Bustos Internship


I was very fortunate this summer and fall to be an intern for Congresswoman Bustos and help in her re-election campaign for the United States Congress. The political experience I have gained has given me new insight into how our country operates, as well as what other people in my community think about this election. My work for the campaign included making phone calls to constituents and canvassing local neighborhoods. I enjoyed the canvassing the most. The work allowed me to explore parts of Rockford I wouldn’t normally enter, as well as meet interesting people and hear their thoughts and ideas on the election. I also [...]

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It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog and I want to start off by apologizing for the inactivity. For all of July, I was at UChicago taking a class called Awakening into Consciousness: Intro to Collegiate Writing. As soon as my class finished up, my family went to Canada for vacation. This trip lasted the first couple weeks of August. Also during this time, I applied for (and received) an internship in the office of US Representative Cheri Bustos. My sophomore year started on August 17th, and I hit the ground running. Between my four AP [...]


Black Lives Matter


Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. And so many more. Racism is real. It is the most prominent issue of our generation. We have been brainwashed to think it was over since the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King would be devastated. This blog may be called the Muslim "Moderate" but this is an issue I cannot be moderate about. People's lives are being taken away due to excessive force and unjustified fear. Police officers killing innocent man. What do they have to fear if they are the ones pointing the gun? I am not saying everyone situation is like [...]

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