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Step up, future leaders!

I had the opportunity to write and record a piece for WNIJ (the local NPR affiliate) and their Perspectives program.  I spoke about the importance of youth engagement.  Give it a listen. Here is the text: In today's world, the ongoing discord in “grown-up” national politics is becoming [...]

Auburn Youth Court

This past school year I was selected to be on the Auburn High School Youth Court.  Youth Court is a proven community vehicle for keeping students out of the formal judicial system for lapses in judgement on school grounds.  See the article in the RRStar about my experience with Youth Court. [...]

Gun Laws

The Florida shooting is yet another reminder of the inaction of our government with regard to gun laws. America has more mass shootings than any other country and most of these are carried out by white males. It is shameful of media organizations to continue to instill the double standard [...]

Rockford to vote on Home rule

At the City Council meeting held December 4th, the alderman voted to put home rule on the ballot for 2018. What does this mean? Well home rule in the United States refers to the ability of the local government of a constituent part of a state, such as a city [...]

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My name is Yusuf Zahurullah.  I am an American Muslim teen living in Rockford, Illinois where I was born. I am a senior at Auburn High School and captain of the varsity soccer team. I am the president of Auburn’s Model UN club and MUN is truly one of my passions. My interests include history and political science, as well as political and social policy and activism.  I plan to attend law school and have a career in international relations or law.   This blog will be a journal of my thoughts and observations about my own community and the political face of our country as a whole from a Muslim teen’s perspective.

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Yusuf Zahurullah